Important Therapeutic Uses :Used in Ajeerna, Agnimandya, Parinamashula, Shula or as directed by the physician.

 Dosage/ Method of use: 23 tablets per day or as directed by the physician.

 Contra indications: Nil

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    This excellent combination of all pitta hara and Mruduvirechaka drugs is highly effective in all kinds of digestive problems related to vitiated pitta. It corrects agni and thereby improves appetite and balances metabolism. Eliminates morbid doshas out of the gastro intestinal system and restores gut health.

    This unique formulation is a combination of sama pitta hara drugs which help to reduce the gastric symptoms of the upper GITract like burning sensation, acid eructation, nausea, headache due to indigestion. Overall jeernapiyusha is an excellent digestive care medicine that can be consumed safely.


    • Hyperacidity or Dyspepsia , Chronic Gastritis , Duodenal ulcer ,Heartburn , Peptic ulcer , Mouth ulcer , Diarrhea with burning sensation ,Vertigo, Headache , Migraine ,. Leucorrhea etc. wherever pitta dosha is disturbed.

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