Key Benefits ·         Widely used in Pain Management in Arthritis

·         Joint Disorders

·         Sciatica, Spondylitis

Indications / Important therapeutic Uses Vatarogaor as directed by the physician. External Use ONLY
Dosage / Methods of Use Mix sufficient quantity of churna with chincha rasa, water or dadhi and apply over effected areas or as directed by the physician.
Contra Indications Nil
Storage Store in a cool and dry place away from dampness and hot sun light
Packaging 50gms and 100gms in suitable HDPE Containers
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    KOTTAMCHUKKADI CHURNA-Sciatica, Spondylitis
    Key Ingredients
    Sl No Sanskrit name Botanical Name
    Kushtha Saussurealappa
    Shunthi Zingiberofficinalis
    Vacha Acoruscalamus
    Shigru Moringapterygosperma
    Lashuna Allium sativum
    Devadaru Cedrusdeodara
    Sarshapa Brassica campestris
    Rasna Pluchealanceolata

    This churna is enriched with best shoolaharadravyas for pain management and swellings in conditions like arthritis etc. This powder is designed for external application only and is ageold formulation used for pain. KottamchukkadiChoornam helps subside inflammation in joint disorders. It is also beneficial in Sciatica, Spondylitis, and helps relieve swelling associated with these conditions.

    KottamchukkadiChoornam possess analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties and thus beneficial in rheumatic conditions and it helps in edema.This herbal churna is formulated based on kerala Ayurveda tradition

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