MukkhaRanjanam – Herbal Face Pack


Key Benefits ·    Mrudhucharanamgives golden glow to the skin.

·    Use Mrudhucharanam for a Healthy, youthful and radiant skin

·    Regular use removes blemishes, spots, tan and post acne scar

·    Iimparts natural complexion and radiance to the  skin.

·    Helps to retard unwanted facial hair growth in women.


Indications / Important therapeutic Uses Used as Soundaryaprasadaka asTwachya- skin care -Varnya or as directed by the physician.


Dosage / Methods of Use Make a smooth paste by adding 1-2 tsp. of the face pack powder with water and apply a thin layer to the face and leave for half an hour. Wash with normal water and tap it dry, followed by a skin moisturizer. Can be used weekly once or twice.

Special note:  For better results:

·         Dry face: Use milk cream or curds in place of water.

·         Oily face: Rose water or water.


Contra Indications Nil
Storage Store in a cool and dry place away from dampness and hot sun light
Packaging 10gms, 25gms, 50g in suitable HDPE Containers


    Mukharanjanam – Face PackPowder
    Key Ingredients
    Sl No Sanskrit name Botanical Name
    1 Masoora Lens culinaris
    2 Krishna mruttika  
    3 Raktachandana Pterocarpussantalinus
    4 Lodhra Symplocosracemosa
    5 Manjishtha Rubia cordifolia
    6 Taruni Rosa centifolia
    7 Haridra Curcuma longa
    8 Chanaka Cicerarietinum


    MukhaRanjanam is a pure herbal face pack powder, enriched with Red Sandal Powder, uses the secrete of our rich heritage of Ayurveda SoundaryaPrasadaka. It is very effective and provides all the nutrients needed for a healthy, youthful and radiant glowing skin when applied over the face with little water. Regular use removes blemishes, spots, tan and post acne scar and imparts natural complexion and radiance to the skin and retards facial hair growth in women. For optimum results apply twice a week

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