Prashanthi Tailam


References: BP- Bhavaprakasha ,BNR- Bruhat Nighantu Ratnakara .

Indications/Uses :  Used as ayurvedic Soundarya  prasadaka, as  Hair oil, head massage oil to relive the stress, help in Anidra, Shirahshoola, Shrama  or as directed by the physician.

Dosage/Method of usage :Apply sufficient quantity of oil to the scalp and gently massage for 15-20 min or as directed by the physician.Storage: Store in a cool and dry place  away from dampness and hot sun light.

 Packing: 20ml, 50ml, 100ml, 200ml, 250ml, 400ml, 500ml, 600ml, 750ml, 800ml, 1l in suitable packing.

For external use only.

 Contra indications: Nil

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    PrashanthiTailam (OIL)

    A unique formulation which contains amla, brahmi to cool and clam the mind and body in case of stress, anxiety, insomnia and headache.  This hair care oil has multiple benefits. With regular use it nourishes hair roots and supports good hair growth.  Rich antioxidants in it, Prevents early greying of hair .massage with this oil relieves stree induced sleeplessness, headache, tiredness and promotes sound sleep.


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