Shleshmahara Taila


References: BP- Bhavaprakasha

Indications/Uses : Used as Chati Abhyanga Taila for kapha vilayana or as directed by the physician.

Dosage/method of usage : Warm oil by indirect heating . Apply to the chest region for 5-10 min.

Storage: Store in a cool and dry place  away from dampness and hot sun light

For external use only.

Contra indications: Nil

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    This Taila used as application on the chest for excess phlegm accumulation and severe cough or asthma.  Its application to the chest region helps to clear the respiratory tract with mucous causing disturbances in breathing, thereby clearing the airway. Because of its hot nature it supports kaphavilayana and therefore can be used for external application to the chest, back and neck region.

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