Indications/Uses :Used in oral care as Mukhadourgandhahara, Vranaropaka, Krimighna, Vranashodhaka, in Dantarogaor as directed by the physician.

Dosage/Method of Usage :Take one tablet and crush it in between teeth and mix it in with the

saliva. Then  swish it all the way around the mouth and thenbrush teeth with the same tablet twice

dailyor as directed by the  physician

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    SUDANTIKA TABLET – Convenient Oral Care

    Ayurvedic life science has given immense importance to our personal hygiene as well as societal ethics to be followed andadopted to establish a disease free,healthy,harmony society.

    Among such daily regimen first comes the Kavala(mouth gargling) and Gandusha(holding the liquids in the mouth without any movement) which are simple and easy oral health practices. These two techniques when followed daily create a strong oral hygiene, prevent infections at the primary level itself, gives freshness to the mouth and builds a better communal confidence to the individual.

    Regular usage of Sudantika   tablet improves oral health, strong gums and teeth, prevents dental decay and caries. With regular usage this overcomes plaque formation as well. Improves circulation at the root level and thereby prevents bleeding gums, weak dentures and halitosis. This unique combination removes excess   mucous in the mouth and   throat, scrapes the sliminess and promotes better taste perception. This combination of drugs with their   multidimensional   effects mainly contribute to the overall wellness of the dental system and   thereby contributes to the better health.

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