Swasthya Rakshana Kit – Basic


#01 Product: Arimedhadi Taila

Quantity: 50ml

Benefit: Stimulates taste buds and cleans the tongue and vocal cavity.

#02 Product: Danthadhavana Choorna

Quantity: 20gms

Benefit: Maintains gum and dental hygiene, and prevents cavities.

#03 Product: Nasal Drops

Quantity: 15ml

Benefit: To cleanse the nasal passage and avoids infections.

#04 Product: Eye drops

Quantity: 10ml

Benefit: Cleanses the eye passage and avoids infections.

#05 Product: Ojovardhini – Golden Milk

Quantity: 50gms

Benefit: Ideal rejuvenator. Supports the natural defense system and tones up the lungs.

#06 Product: Amrutha Sanjeevini Tablets

Quantity: 60Tabs

Benefit: Builds up the immunity system and has antioxidant properities.






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Weight .500 kg
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 20 cm

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