Specialized Therapies

Brief About Us

Sri Sharada Ayurveda Pharmacy and R&D Centre

Since our inception, we have helped thousands the world over by providing cleansing and rejuvenation therapies rooted in ancient teachings while using natural, organic products of the highest quality. We offer single treatments as well as longer detoxification programmes like Panchakarma and Slimming programmes.

Our mission has been to provide holistic healing experiences for the body and mind as well as teach people how to take healing into their own hands through the Ayurvedic Wellness Course.

Vision and Mission


To become a Centre of Excellence for Ayurveda through research, development, education, awareness and medical assistance to the needy..


To build a society with a good and healthy populace.

  • To bring into limelight the medical discipline of Ayurveda by sustained efforts.
  • To educate common people regarding methodologies and health practices of Ayurveda to enhance their quality of life.
  • To build awareness of good practices of Ayurveda & Yoga amongst the youth by conducting camps in schools, colleges and community centres.
  • Creating awareness in public about medicinal herbs and educating them on growing and nursing them.
  • Spreading health awareness through medical camps at the rural level and empowering rural women.