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General Body Massage

Here are some of the benefits associated with regular performance of this:

• Increase blood circulation
• Toning of the muscles
• Calming for the nerves
• Lubrication of the joints
• Increased mental alertness
• Elimination of impurities from the body
• Softer, smoother skin
• Increased level of stamina throughout the day
• sound or good sleep at night

DURATION: 60 Minutes


This is the most popular and relaxing therapy in Ayurveda. In this therapy medicated oil (According to body constitution/disease), milk and buttermilk is continuously poured in a thin stream on the forehead in a special pattern for fixed time.

Good for relaxation, insomnia, anxiety and mental stress, helps in soothing the nervous system and calming the mind.

Shirodhara with only head and face massage
DURATION: 50 Minutes

Shirodhara with Abhayanga (General Body Massage)

DURATION: 90 Minutes


The variety of herbs with high medicinal value are packed in leaf bundles which are then used to massage the body. Good for soreness-stiffness in the body, good for circulation and joint or muscular pain.
DURATION: 45 minutes


This involves the treatment of Lower back region in conditions like – LBA, Sciatica, Spondylosis.

It soothes the irritated nerve region, thereby alleviates the radiating pain.
Duration: 30minutes


This treatment helps in relieving neck pain and stiffness, cervical spondylitis, shoulder pain.

It strengthens the bone and joint tissue.
Duration: 30minutes

Shashtika Shali Pinda Sweda – Navarakizhi

Kizhi involves tying up of heated oils, herbs and powders into small muslin bags or “Potli” that are placed on different body parts using varying degree of pressure with a special focus on the nerve points.

 Navarakizhi is a rejuvenating therapy for bruhmana(nourishment) karma that helps in treating muscular dystrophy, paralysis and general weakness.


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