Key Benefits ·         Cures Tastelessness, numbness of Tongue

·         Asthma due to Pitta Dosha

·         Cough, Burning Sensation in Palms and Soles

·         Cures Bleeding from the Upper parts of body Orifices

Indications / Important therapeutic Uses Arocaka (Tastelessness), Agnimandya (Digestive impairment), Pittajashvasa (Asthma due to Pitta dosha), Jvara (Fever), Kasa (Cough), Hasta PadaDaha (Burning sensation in palms and soles), Parshvashula (Intercostal neuralgia and pleurodynia), Kshaya (Pthisis), Suptajihvatva (Numbness of tongue), UrdhvagataRaktapitta (Bleeding from orifices of the upper part of the body)


Dosage / Methods of Use 1-3 g or as directed by the physician.

Anupana: Ghee, Honey

Contra Indications Nil
Storage Store in a cool and dry place away from dampness and hot sun light
Packaging 50gms and 100gms in suitable HDPE Containers
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    Key Ingredients
    1 Sitopala (Sita) Candy Sugar
    2 Vamsalochana Bambusaarundinacea
    3 Pippali Piper longum
    4 Ela Elettariacardamomum
    5 Tvak Cinnamomumzeylanicum

    Sitopaladichurna contains expectorant properties that may help expel mucous from the airways.  Sitopaladichurna may be helpful for all types of coughs. It can be mixed with honey and used for relief in throat irritation.

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