Key Benefits ·         Maintains and Improve Health of a Digestive System

·         Cures Diarrhea, Cachexia and Splenic Disease

·         Best remedy for Anemia, Mal-absorption

Indications / Important therapeutic Uses Chardi (Emesis), Adhmana (Flatulance with gurgling sound), Kasa (Cough), Shvasa (Dyspnoea/Asthma), Jvara (Fever), Aruci (Tastelessness), Ajeerna (Dyspepsia), Atisara (Diarrhea), Shosha (Cachexia), Pleeha (Splenic disease), Grahani (Mal-absorption syndrome), Pandu (Anemia)

Anupana:  Honey


Dosage / Methods of Use 3gms or as directed by the physician.
Contra Indications Nil
Storage Store in a cool and dry place away from dampness and hot sun light
Packaging 50gms and 100gms in suitable HDPE Containers
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    TALISADI  CHURNA-Old Age Debility
    Key Ingredients
    Sl No Sanskrit name Botanical Name
    1 Talisa Abieswebbiana
    2 Maricha Piper nigrum
    3 Shunthi Zingiberofficinale
    4 Pippali Piper longum
    5 Vamsalochana Bambusaarundinacea
    6 Ela Elettariacardamomum
    7 Tvak Cinnamomumzeylanicum

    Strengthens the respiratory system.  Maintain the good health of the digestive system and improve digestion. – Used in the treatment of respiratory and digestive ailments like cough, cold, asthma, bronchitis and vomiting

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